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What is taxonomy? You can have a look at the pages linked underneath, or be happy with my brief description: on this site, it is a way to help us classify all information on the site.

Once you have a load of tagged data, it's hard to make changes to taxonomy structures (apart from adding terms) without rendering existing nodes much harder to find. Trust me, NO ONE will go back and edit existing data, not in real life, unless there is massive funding for that purpose.

Taxonomy is a way of naming things, of labelling things.

When we use proper labels (or tags or categories or keywords: all mean the same thing in our case) when adding data to our system, it becomes quite easy to create some structure (a classification) and to find things. Using the correct taxonomy structure is very important, as is mentioned above. We should try to start with as good a structure as possible.

Content administrators have the ability to create new categories, which are vocabularies of labels. A vocabulary can be assigned to one or more content types, and per category, access permissions can be set. Certain user roles will be able to see content from one category, but maybe not from another. One user role can edit information with a certain category label attached to it, another will have read-only access.

Not clear? Post questions here as comments, and I'll try to explain better!

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