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I'll presume you're using the english menu system in what follows.

Image galeries

View image galleries

As it says, it shows the available image galleries, so you can select one, and view the pictures.

Image galleries

This menu option allows you to administer the available galleries, or to create new ones. Before uploading a new image, make sure the gallery in which you'ld like to put it, exists.

Posting images

You can create images first, and include them in your pages later, or you can post images while creating a page.

Create an image

Create content->Image

Select an appropriate title, and Browse to the image you want to upload. Images will be automatically reduced in size when uploaded, but if you are working on a slow connection, it is advisible to reduce the size yourself before uploading it.

In human language: use your favourite image editor, and save a copy of your image at a resolution of about max. 1024x1024 pixels. Save the copy in jpg or png format. Your picture will get a size of at most 100KB and will upload very quickly.

If your picture is a true piece of art, please leave it at high quality when uploading (eg 2048x2048 max size). It allows for good quality printing Cool.

Select a proper image gallery for your picture.

Select proper content categories for your image. If required, first edit 'categories' using the main menu. This I explain on another page .

In the 'body' box, you can type some text describing where the picture was taken, what it's about, etc.

Post images while creating a page

Make sure you 'enable rich-text' so you get to work using the tiny-mce text editor. You'll find a button looking like a camera. Use that button to insert a picture in your text. The following window pops up:

Img_assist screenshotImg_assist screenshot





You can browse the available images in many ways, mainly depending on the tags you attached to your images using the proper categories and keywords.

When you select to upload a new picture, you'll get (in the little pop-up window) the same page as you get when you decide to create an image as described just above. So I'l not repeat those steps Smile.

After creating or selecting the picture, fill in the dialog box's fields:

img_assist screenshot 2img_assist screenshot 2





If you fill out the title, the text you enter there will be printed under the image, as a subscript. Select the desired size; if you select 'Thumbprint' your page will load very quickly, and people interested in seeing the picture in detail, can click on it (make sure to select the proper option in the Link-field).

Insert mode should be left on 'Filter Tag'.

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