IBCSK Works For Poverty Reduction

Submitted by Shams Uddin on Mon, 2006-10-09 17:55.
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IBCSK—the Catalyst Institution for Poor-friendly Education in Northern ChitralIBCSK—the Catalyst Institution for Poor-friendly Education in Northern ChitralIbn Batuta Community School Kosht is the only English medium, non-profit non-loss community school in Upper Chitral [Kosht] that is imparting standard education in relatively nominal tuition fee in keeping with the poor economic condition of the target-area.

IBCSK is aimed at strengthening and empowering the voiceless and downtrodden communities. Pursuance of this objective, the school has made its fee structure affordable for the poor in an environment where money-grabbing in the name of education is so rife. We have the honor to admit students from poor families to the school for free. For sure they are the ray of hope for their families in the darkness of poverty!

The students, who can not afford to buy text books from the market, have free access to the school library from where they get free Oxford text books. Besides, other interested students and the general community from the villages also benefit from the library. Nevertheless, owing to over use, the books have worn out and need to be replaced.

IBCSK integrates Information Technology into the system of education, which is a potential innovation for poverty reduction in northern Chitral. The school has provided a computer lab, where students right from class 1 learn computing through games. However, most of the computers have worn out and students are facing difficulties as classes have become overcrowded in the course of time.

Environment-friendly Batutas:  on waste management campaign at Qaqlasht plateauEnvironment-friendly Batutas: on waste management campaign at Qaqlasht plateauEnvironment education and producing responsible and environment friendly citizen is also another long term objective of the school. We have introduced ‘ecology’ classes for the first time in the area so that students are prepared to cope with environmental hazards in the years ahead. The students also go outside for sightseeing and take part in a waste management campaign, in particular, after local festivals as part of practical classes.

Impressed by the balanced and prominent educational system in the school, students from far and remote villages are attracted. A great many students are staying in the hostel whereas students from the nearby villages are provided with transportation. However the problem is that we have only one pick-up which is not sufficient to provide timely service.

Ibn Batuta Educational Society and the people of Kosht are thankful to the government of Belgium for supporting the society in their endeavor for standard education and ultimate poverty reduction. They are also thankful to Ms Wendy, the principal of IBCSK, for giving her precious time and energy for the school.