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IBCSK's Environmental Education...

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Submitted by Shams Uddin on Mon, 2007-03-05 09:27.

Qaqlasht literally means 'barren plain' – a pastureland without water or springs. However, in April when Spring sweeps through the Chitral valley, Qaqlasht is transformed and villagers herd their cattle for grazing.

Then, in autumn, bird trappers from down country stay there for three months, wreaking havoc on the fragile ecosystem and biodiversity by trapping precious birds of prey such as the “saker falcon,” uprooting shrubs and bushes for fuel, turning the entire area into dust, which readily forms mud slides.

In recent years there have been unprecedented mud slides, bringing much suffering to the locals. Academic institutions, such as Ibn Batuta Community School, Kosht, have taken initiatives to introduce environmental education to the school curriculum, aimed at producing a cadre of informed, responsible and environmental-friendly citizens by introducing ecology classes and involving students in post-festival waste disposal campaigns.

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