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Our class ten boys were in for a tour to get some idea of the world beyond Chitral!


On September the eighth 2007 at 16.30 off we were, 16 of us, the nine boys of class ten and 6 teachers. Off where? Our aim was Gilgit-town, with visits and rests along this 300km-long road.

In the previous weeks, the boys had been collecting some funds to make this trip feasible. With some contribution of our part too it all went smooth.

That first night we headed towards Shandur, but could reach Harchin only, at sunset. We knocked at the doors of the government high school, and luckily enough were welcomed by a boarding teacher from Mulkhow (for those who don't know:a far away place).I think he was happy to share one night with a bunch of crazy guys.

We cooked rice, and to our dismay while tasting it found out it was too salty-not edible! But once again, as it happens in such occasions, a bright idea came from an expected side: Akbar, our social studies teacher, told us to immerse a ball of dough in it for some minutes. We did it and the result was wonderful! The salt had been absorbed.The rest of the evening was spent on games and fun. The next morning we were hurried by the boys who couldn't wait to leave Chitral valley.

We stopped at Shandur to replenish our pockets with sweets(bah!) and have a close look at the lake, as well as to explain the reason of our presence to the local scouts post.

Then it was the plunge into Ghizar valley, which always amazes me by its beauty. The river is deep blue and can only make one dream. But the area is harsh and people are rough along this first part of the road.Things change at Gupis, meeting point with the Yasin-river & valley on the northern side. People become terribly friendly and welcoming. Women and girls are more actively engaged in life than in Chitral.

The beautiful Ghizar river!

The beautiful Ghizar river!

At Gakuch, meeting point with Ishkoman, civilisation reappears with fancy bazaars and nice roads until Gilgit itself. We reached at 3 in the afternoon, dusty and exhausted, took rooms in a hotel in the centre. The boys were truly overjoyed and we left them to themselves. They invaded the bazaar and discovered this astonishing centre of chinese goods. It was lucky for us that they didn't have the means to buy much otherwise we would have to have rented a truck to take their purchases home!

The next day at noon we left after some sightseeing of the area. Gilgit itself has nothing to present -except the shops maybe-, but its position is interesting and historical. We headed back to Chitral, but decided to have a closer look at the Ishkoman valley, which inspires some of us... The boys insisted on bying a net for fishing. They were probably already dreaming of catching, cooking and eating tasty trouts...Unfortunately (for them, not for the fishes!) they couldn't catch one..., and our dinner was once again rice with dhal!

One of the 39 bridges over the Gilgit & Ghizar river

One of the 39 bridges over the Gilgit & Ghizar river

The people of this region are really friendly, open-minded and kind. We were all quite surprised to find out that the local chitrali language is fluently spoken throughout this part of the northern area, which was a good thing for the boys as they are reluctant to speak any other tongue...

After a cold night (only for me shivering in a tent!),we left for home. The spirits were still high and we took time to enjoy the road back, observing camels and yacks grazing along the road.

Encounter with camels at Gakuch

Encounter with camels at Gakuch

We refilled ourselves at a special spring at Barsat, before Shandur. Water flows out of the ground there laden with CO2... and a quite bitter taste... But it is believed it carries loads of good healthy properties. So did we drink a lot! (Between us I never noticed anything special about it, but it certainly doesn't harm either!)

Yacks, grazing peacefully, away from everything...

Yacks, grazing peacefully, away from everything...

And that was it! We reached Kosht at 8 in the night, totally tired, dirty but happy...and ready for another tour next year!





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An Exposure for Learning

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Submitted by Shams Uddin on Tue, 2007-09-18 13:40.

The exposure visit of IBCSK's student to Gilgit is a real milestone in broadening their outlook towards the wider world. It can help integrate students' theoritical knowledge into that of practical reality in the outside environment. This is the beauty of any exposure visit and that is why exposure visits have always had high educational values.

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