Tirich Mir [7690m] Visible From Terich Valley

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Tirich Mir [7690m] Visible From Terich Valley

Tirich Mir [7690m] is the highest peak of the Hindu Kush range, which overlooks Chitral town and is visible from almost all parts of Chitral district. When you arrive in the Chitral valley from the south over the Lowari Pass [3120m], you cannot help but stare in awe at the majestic peak situated against the backdrop of a clear blue sky. Tirich Mir was first scaled by a Norwegian mountaineering group in 1950. In the past, adventure tourism has been the mainstay of the economy for villagers who live at the foot of Tirich Mir. The people of Mulkhow and those of the Tirich Mir valley possess excellent altitude climbing and guiding skills, coupled with their knowledge about routes and weather conditions. They relish the memories when climbers, after climbing the peak successfully, returned to the villages to arrange parties to celebrate their lifetime achievements.

Locals believe that Tirich Mir is ‘the castle of fairies’. They [the fairies] sometimes take away young girls and boys from their houses or from pastures and present them with a bowl of blood or milk. Those who drink the blood will be returned and those who take the milk will be kept, never to be returned. People still believe in fairy tales and make efforts not to incur their displeasure. There are some ‘parikhan’ or “possessed ladies”, who claim to have tamed fairies. For them, the fairies impart information about luck, wealth and the health of patients and other problems of the needy people. “My son/daughter, I am the fairy of Tirich Mir and have specifically been called to solve your problem”, would be the first sentence that the fairy would deliver through the ‘parikhan’.

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