IBCSK—the Catalyst Institution for Poor-friendly Education in Northern Chitral

Submitted by Shams Uddin on Tue, 2008-11-04 13:25.
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IBCSK—the Catalyst Institution for Poor-friendly Education in Northern Chitral

With growing population and shrinking natural/land resources, it becomes all the more pertinent to impart standard but affordable education to the children of poor families in the far-flung regions of northern Chitral so that their educational and interpersonal qualities will be groomed up consistent with the requirement of modern age to make them useful and responsible citizen apart from being a source of financial support for their poor parents in their old age. It must be noted that only standard and viable system of education for young generation that has hitherto been neglected and which IBCSK—the only catalyst institution for poor-friendly education in the region—could provide equitable livelihood opportunities to the impoverished segment of the society in northern Chitral. Through standard education, the area of human resource can be promoted leading to integrated, holistic and all-encompassing social and economic progress. This is the vision of IBCSK has in mind.

The school largely focuses on providing better working environment for students by harnessing and promoting the potential of teachers, who lie at the centre of almost every thing within any educational institution, let alone IBSCK. Still there are certain factors we feel are potential hindrances adversely affecting the better vision of IBCSK’s educational system:

  1. Talented and energetic people always go for jobs other than teaching. The reason perhaps is that this vital field of nation building has traditionally been meted out step-motherly treatment and teachers are thought of as social creature of lesser importance
  2. The salary paid to teachers is the lowest as compared to many lucrative jobs that have become fantasies of the young educated people.
  3. Fresh and untrained people coming to IBCSK as teachers clearly lack vision and direction about teaching in a planned and fruitful manner to materialize the noble objective of the school
  4. Teachers once trained in communication, teaching skills, class management, lesson plan preparation and most importantly individual student assessment, are induced by businesses selling education—the individually owned educational institutions. They offer higher salary as compare to the poor-friendly IBCSK with lowest fee structure in the entire region!
  5. The school is teaching Oxford courses, but at SSC level students have compulsorily to attempt the exam in accordance with the government curriculum. This affects the academic performance of the student and diverts the track of learning that they have had learnt for more than years at IBCSK.

We request our friends for financial, technical and consultative support in order to take ahead the noble objective of poor-friendly education system of IBCSK.

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