The 'Political Approach' towards Developmental Agendas

Submitted by Shams Uddin on Sat, 2009-08-22 14:52.
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'Politics' in the Hindu Kush region always play decisive and all-inclusive role
mostly in deteriorating matters of purely communal interest and welfare. It is an easy prescription that does not have definite doze and hence a range of multi-layered personal interests are conveniently accommodated in what we call 'politics'. This is the reason that to a simple-minded person, 'politics' is equaled to 'hollow slogans', 'telling a lie', 'false promises' and most importantly 'serving own’s interests'. I mention this because all sectors of development, including the vital sector of education has been inappropriately politicized, which does not bode well so far the holistic community development is concerned. Here the theme will try to diagnose issues emanating from 'dry' political approach towards agendas that are purely non-political and developmental.

The full story will come up a little later! Thanks for your patience!

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