Training the minds

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Training the young minds
Education is a process of balanced development of mind, spirit and body together. These areas are correspondingly responsible for the creation of a personality having the required knowledge, skills and attitude to function as a useful person in the society. It is an established fact that all this depends on positive and practical learning. Because research suggests that education through experience is more lasting and effective than memorisation. All educational scientists and researchers agree together that without application of the newly learned skills and knowledge in real life situations, the individual as well as the society will hardly be benefited. Application of new learning provides the learner with an opportunity for further learning, reflections, solutions that ultimately help the child to become a useful citizen and member of his /her society in future. This is the true aim of education. It is encouraging to see that there is no dearth of such institutions in Chitral which are working on producing and providing the desired minds for future who are informed, positive, and creative in attitude. One such institution is Ibn-e-Batuta Community School Kosht.
Schools are considered to be mediators between past, present and future. They are the real training grounds where the future generation is educated and trained. This school is established with the same aim of producing such an "Individuals" to our society who have the relevant knowledge, skills and abilities to make a difference by their character and vision. To achieve this, Ibn-e-Batuta Community School has developed and successfully implemented a live curriculum.
The uniqueness of this school is that its students work as active members of the society. Here, the students are educated and trained to be practically involved in community life as equal partners. All this is part of the curricular and co-curricular activities in Ibn-e-Batuta Community School Kosht Chitral.

Iqbal Shah

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