IBCSK Admission 2010-11 Announced

Submitted by Shams Uddin on Sat, 2010-02-27 13:11.
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IBCSK Admission 2010-11 Announced

IBCSK [Ibn Batuta Community School Kosht] has opened its admission session 2010-11 from class 1st to 10th. The school is known in the entire region for its poor-friendly and standard system of education. It has already attracted students from diverse backgrounds in different side valleys of northern Chitral. To promote the educational and interpersonal potentials of the students by providing technical and technological education, IBCSK offers the facilities as follows:

1.    An ideal premises, location and infrastructure of the school that has airy and capacious classrooms with abundant daylight. The school is situated, away from the hustle bustle of village life, near the bank of Mulkhow River

2.    Hostel facility with reasonable charges for the children of low-income earning families in the remote villages and far-flung valleys of upper Chitral. It is the educational policy of the school to provide more opportunities to the students of backward regions through providing accommodation facilities

3.    Transportation services for the students of the nearby villages to keep them from physical and mental exhaustion so that they will save time and energy to concentrate on their study

4.    Well-equipped laboratory to give practical orientation to students and to harmonize the text book theory to a measurable and verifiable lab-based exercises/tests/practices

5.    Efficient, cooperative and friendly team of teachers working under the capable supervision of Ms Wendy, the principal of the school.

6.    Computer lab with modern facilities accessible to students from class 1st to 10th

7.    Abundant teaching aids available to every class to ascertain concrete teaching methodology

8.    ECD [Early Childhood Development] class for the minors managed under trained and experienced teachers

9.    Provision of free Oxford text books from the library to the students in consideration of the high prices of such books in the market. In many respects, buying standard text book is beyond the purchasing power of the financially weak parents

10.    Modern library containing more than 6000 books, from where students as well as the young educated people of the villages can take benefit

11.    In keeping with its strategy to reduce poverty through standard but cheap educational services for poor families, IBCSK has always kept its fee structure at the lowest as compared to other schools in the region, to make it affordable to the low-income earning families

12.    Facility of an open play ground adjacent to the school plus sports equipments available to students right from class 1st to 10th

The admission will start from March and will continue till March 2010. There will be proper test and interview for the admission of the incoming students. The students have to clear admission test with certain percentage of marks. Come first and serve first is the foremost criteria, after test and interview. Seats are limited. Cash the opportunity to assure the safe and bright future of your children and, thus, yourself by availing the excellent educational service offered by IBCSK [Ibn Batuta Community School Kosht].

Create an account, log in and contact us should you need further information about fee structure, courses, hostel facilities and transportation services and other questions that you have in mind.

Wish you all the best!

Note: Erroneously 2006 instead of 2009 has been inserted. The picture is about three months old. Thanks!

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