Birds Need Our Help!

Submitted by Shams Uddin on Wed, 2010-05-05 08:46.
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Birds Need Our Help!

Birds are nature's beauty. They have postive role to play in the ecosystem of our universe. For our own well-being, we have to protect birds and the rest of the living organism. It is unfortunate that most of the bird species are about to disappear because of pesticides or merciless hunting that has already had negative impacts on our ecology and natural biodiversity. What about the caterpillars that have been destroying hawthrone and apple trees for the last more than fifteen years? Obviously the situation is linked with the disappearing ecoclogical chain largely because of the decreasing population of bird species. What about the black throated thrush (sosoorook)? Where did the grey tit (chichibon) go? Why don't we see sky-catcher (chilingi)any more? Certainly these birds used to check the population of the harmful caterpillars.

Seasonal doves are about to arrive. Its harmless character and simplicity makes it an onus on us more than ever before to protect this messanger of peace. Let's deterimine not to hunt it.

Caging birds for the purpose of selling is another heinous practice. This way the right and freedom of birds is deprived and they are provided with unnatural living condition which causes them death in most cases.

Moreover, please take care of the birds by setting a bowel of water in your compound apart from providing them with grain. Please ask your children not to wander behind the birds with capapults or gun slinging in shoulder. This is not going to solicit a good image and message about a student. Clemency and helpfulness should be the halmarks of today's student.

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