Terichmir—Crown of the Hindukush

Submitted by Shams Uddin on Sun, 2010-07-11 14:51.
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Terichmir—Crown of the Hindukush

O chief of mountains, standing tall,
Your grace and poise entices all,
Your snowy roof, lost in the mist,
A site one simply can't resist,
You are but like a fantasy,
A source of sheer felicity,
Although your beauty captivates,
Your mightiness intimidates,
As legend tells the tales of yore,
Of fairies, devils, beasts and more,
That spook away who so decides,
To hike upon the rocky heights,
An enchantress thou art to thee,
Like la belle dame sans merci,
With haunting charm, you hypnotize,
You are a traveller's paradise,
Peaks camouflaged in white ambush,
Thou art the crown of Hindukush

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