Mastuj Road is Washed Away at Shogram in Upper Chitral

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Mastuj Road is Washed Away at Shogram in Upper Chitral

The Chitral district is experiencing history’s worst flooding because of unending series of torrential rain and breaking of glaciers that has been causing high flood in the Chitral River and greatly damaged the basic life amenities such as water pipeline, electricity lines and channels and telephone connections. Two days ago the water supply line to Chitral town had been reconstructed at Angarghoon but was swept again by another flood after a day of its restoration. This has left Chitral town without water for the last 10 days.

Likewise a flashflood has washed away eight households and a Mosque in the village of Khozh in northern Chitral. It also destroyed the standing crops of wheat and fruit gardens. The sufferings of the locals are sorrowful but there has been no attention from the government partially because of the road destruction in the entire region. Neither have they been provided tents for sheltering. They live under the open sky with their children, hungry and thirsty.

The glacier of Sonoghor has burst again and inundated as many as six households, destroyed cash crops. The class rooms of the high school Sonoghor is full of flood water and debris. The students of the school are making voluntary efforts to removing the mud and debris.

The road leading to subdivision Mastuj has been washed away in front of the Shogram village of northern Chitral caused by the mud flood in Shogram Gol that pushed the river to the side of the road and resultantly it was washed away. This has left upper Chitral without transportation service for the last eight days.

Please read about the flood damages in Chitral, Pakistan, from the Urdu source.

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