A Young Water Miller

Submitted by Shams Uddin on Mon, 2007-03-26 20:41.
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A Young Water Miller

Above is the picture of a traditional environmental-friendly flourmill. The grinding stone rotates anti-clock-wise as waterfall hits the turbine in the water chamber 'chhanian'. A piece of wood 'takhawook' is connected to the outlet from where grain pour into the mouth of the grinding stone as it hits the 'takhawood' and sets it on a ceaseless dance that shakes the outlet or 'par'. In the unsophisticated system of traditional Chitrali flourmill, 'dor' is the name for the grain container and 'maleni' for the lower place where flour is collected.

The speed of the water mill hinges on water scale running through the leet into the turbine, which is not a problem in spring or summer making water millers' task a little easier. But in autumn and winter it is a real ordeal as in most places nullas are almost dried-up because of sever cold weather.

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