High up in the Hindukush Mountains, we try to deliver quality education at as low a price as possible.
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Jurgen, to some extend I have been able to operate my own blog on the website the way Wendy has done. This will be helpful to avoid clogging the website with some unrelated pictures and items, as I feel the general website is reserved for school related information. Now I have opened my own blog under the title of "shams uddin's blog". What I would like to know is when I upload pictures it also appear on the general website then it is possible to bring it to my blog. I want to do exactly the way Wendy has done. Nothing should apear on the side bar as comment.

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Tirich Mir [7690m] Visible From Terich Valley

Tirich Mir [7690m] is the highest peak of the Hindu Kush range, which overlooks Chitral town and is visible from almost all parts of Chitral district. When you arrive in the Chitral valley from the south over the Lowari Pass [3120m], you cannot help but stare in awe at the majestic peak situated against the backdrop of a clear blue sky. Tirich Mir was first scaled by a Norwegian mountaineering group in 1950. In the past, adventure tourism has been the mainstay of the economy for villagers who live at the foot of Tirich Mir.

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Wendy and Jurgen's Contribution for Education in Chitral

Booni is situated 80 kilometer to the north of Chitral town and east of Kosht village. Visitors love to visit the fruit-laden trees apricot, mulberry, grapes, peaches and apple tree orchards for which it is famous. Ms Wendy Finet and Mr Jurgen Depicker, two Belgian friends of us, visited Booni back in October 1996, liked it and volunteered to teach in Pamir Public School, a private school in the village. They worked earnestly to develop the school in terms of introducing a culture of transparency and accountability within the system of education there.

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Student Attempts Paper
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IBCSK's Ecological Class Before Waste Disposal

The environmental-friendly students of Ibn Batuta Community School are getting practical outdoor class on the importance of natural environment and its protection. The students are sensitized regarding the hazardous impacts of non-biodegradable and hazardous wastes such as polythene bags, plastic and tin cans. Afterward they enthusiastically participated in practical waste disposal campaign.

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IBCSK & Protection of Natural Environment

The environmental-friendly Batutas are collecting non-biodegradable and hazardous wastes at the end of a local festival in Upper Chitral before burying them. It is worth noting that IBCSK is the first school in the region to offer ecological classes to its students and the waste disposal campaign is a practical contribution from IBCSK towards the protection of natural environment.

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Yak Herd in Broghil, Nothern Chitral

Northern Chitral is basically a pastureland. Given the altitude, crops, trees and shrubs either cannot grow, or remain dwarf. Major source of livelihood is raising cattle such as yaks, cows, sheep and goats besides beasts of burden e.g. horses and donkeys. The locals trade some of the cattle for cash once in a year and store food items for the whole 12 months before going into hibernation in severe winter in about 10 feet deep snow. Their staple food is dairy products and meat. From the hide of the animals they make rough coats and shoes to protect themselves from harsh winter.

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Markhoor, The Playful

This playful Markhoor is friendly with people and sometimes keeps on awaiting for visitors to turn up, who hold him by the screwing big horns and play on the roadside at Thoshi, the wildlife sanctuary and the game reserve 25 minutes drive from Chitral town, where the worth of one trophy hunt is USD 52000. In winter the illusive snow leopard is also seen in the game reserve as it comes down near the riverbank chasing wild goats and Markhoor.

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Chitral Gol National Park

The first sun rays in Chitral Gol National Park, in Chitral, Northern Pakistan. [Courtesy: Karl Schuler]

Please contact us at shams_booni@yahoo.com to make your visit to Chitral Gol National Park more enjoyable.

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Our class ten boys were in for a tour to get some idea of the world beyond Chitral!


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