High up in the Hindukush Mountains, we try to deliver quality education at as low a price as possible.
Submitted by Wendy on Sat, 2007-06-23 15:08.
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Our cook at his tandoor

This year our cook gets his new and clean kitchen. One and a half year he has been cooking in hard and harsh conditions. But he managed and could even provide food and drink when water was scarce. I must say he took often advantage of his position of power to make us run for him! Indeed we have been often without cook and that is really not a nice situation. This time we try the best we can to keep our "Baba", who is also our "Imam".

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Submitted by Wendy on Sat, 2007-06-23 14:58.
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School overview in winter
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Exams, exams!

To avoid cheating all students are mixed up on the ground and teachers together supervise. We are one of the few schools where cheating is really discouraged!

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Submitted by Wendy on Sat, 2007-06-23 14:20.
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The rush after school

Our overcrowded pick up leaves the school after the classes are over.
It will go first to Torkosht (upper Kosht) with about 25 kids and teachers. This trip takes 40 min. After that the 40 kids from the region along the Chitral road will be dropped at their front doors. This will take at least one hour. The jeep stays then at Reshun, the last village we serve.

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Submitted by Wendy on Thu, 2007-06-21 16:17.
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Class 8 repairs the road...

During the end of last March a snow storm destroyed the whole of Chitral. Everyone was invited to repair what he could, if one wanted to come out of the misery and see things improve! The government doesn't see the need to send funds and help to this remote area of the country, except for a few emergency helicopters and some sacks of wheat.

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Submitted by Shams Uddin on Mon, 2007-06-11 14:17.
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Given the vitality of proper early childhood training and nurturing that gives a sound frame of mind to children and determines their life career that follows, IBCSK [Ibn Batuta Community School Kosht] will open an ECDP [Early Childhood Development Programme] for the pre-school children of the adjoining villages, to provide an enabling environment to groom their inbuilt talents even at that early stage of life!

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School overview in winterSchool overview in winter

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Preparing The Warp For 'Pelesk'

'Palesk' is the traditional Chitrali carpet prepared from goat-hair. Pictured above is a local craftsman spinning the warp for Palesk with a 'dook', the local name for the X-shaped hand spinning instrument. As a rule, two colours i.e. black and white are used in making the carpet in checked, zebra-cross and long streaky patterns. In the past the ‘palesk’ was a compulsory bedding article for a daughter’s dowry. It was customarily placed on a wooden plank or cot as a token of respect and gesture of hospitality for high-profile guests.

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Girls in The Wilderness
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Unusually quiet and attentive...just for the picture!Unusually quiet and attentive...just for the picture!Ib

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