High up in the Hindukush Mountains, we try to deliver quality education at as low a price as possible.
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Welcoming Spring!

From spring spring the fountains of happiness. This morning everything is soaked in pearly dew drops. Most welcome spring!

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IBCSK Admission 2010-11 Announced

IBCSK [Ibn Batuta Community School Kosht] has opened its admission session 2010-11 from class 1st to 10th. The school is known in the entire region for its poor-friendly and standard system of education. It has already attracted students from diverse backgrounds in different side valleys of northern Chitral. To promote the educational and interpersonal potentials of the students by providing technical and technological education, IBCSK offers the facilities as follows:

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Blossom in the Snow!

The picture of village Parsan in the Lot Koh valley in early spring.

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The Serene Beauty of Nature

The picture is of village Broz, about 20 kilometers from Chitral town. The resort is known for its forested village and colourful mountains. Its beauty is inspiring!

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Training the young minds

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Taqalar's Plea

"I am Taqalar. Please do not make a fun of me whilst passing through bazaar. Nor do I like being poked with fingers by the idiots who are all out to chase me. This way I feel insulted. Though I do not have the capacity to talk, you have the strength to know my problems through the language of my body. Some more requests: please do not throw balls of snow at me in winter time whilst proceeding to my house on my feeble rickety legs. It hurts me. I deserve your help. So please take care of me whichever way it is possible for you. Thank you for taking care of me".

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Booni Vigil Rally in Support of Copenhagen Climate Coference

A vigil rally in Booni, northern Chitral, Pakistan. The objectives of the placard bearing rally was to showcase solidarity and show support to the climate change SOS Copenhagen and to highlight the issues of climate change in the Hindu Kush mountains that has already posed a serious challenge to the communities living here.

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The Wheel of FortuneThe Wheel of FortuneThe story about Chitrali women's contribution to family income through their spinning wheel which could properly be dubbed as "The Wheel of Fotune".

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Sardar Ahmed Receiving Trophy
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The 'Pyramid' of Terich Mir
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