High up in the Hindukush Mountains, we try to deliver quality education at as low a price as possible.
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Adventure in the Eastern Pamir

It is a bright morning on July 9, 2007 at the end of the Shandur polo festival that with a group of 6 tourists we start from Shandur over Chamarkand Pass to participate in the Broghil festival and to continue our trek over Darkhot pass further on to the Yasin valley. After night stay at the Chamarkand pass (4328m), we manage to get to the village Chapali (2500m), 8 kilometer north to Mastuj. This village is acknowledged for its traditional folksingers, folkdancers, solo sitar players and vocalists.

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New Educational Policy Envisages Uniform System

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'Politics' in the Hindu Kush region always play decisive and all-inclusive role

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The Proceedings of the Chitral Educational Conference

Two-day conference on education was organized from July 27-28 in the Chitral town through the facilitation of the District Coordination Officer and the Executive District Officer Elementary and Secondary Education Chitral, Ms Gulsambar Begum. The objective was to provide the stakeholders of education—both private and government sectors—a forum and opportunity to discuss ways and means to improve the quality of education in the Chitral district by identifying the constraints and assigning responsibilities to the relevant authorities, stakeholders and decision-makers.

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Batua Educational Magazine, Chitral  (Issue 01)

This Quarterly Magazine Highlights Issues Related to Education in the Hindukush Region


The 'Non-standards' of Standard Education 

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Trekking through the Nomads' Land

Lonely Planet terms it ‘Chaghbibi—Gokhshal—Chimirsan—Rumbor Trek’. I would rather describe it ‘Trekking through the Nomads’ Land’ given the frequency with which one comes across the nomads in the course of his/her trek illustrated by scenic beauties—dense forests of pine, cedar and oak, milky streams, pure icy springs, colorful flowers and most noticeably an aura of pastoral life.

Day 1:

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Scene of Sunset
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Polo Coach Subedar Mehboob Alam Khan

With free style polo, the name of Subedar Mehboob Alam Khan is inseparably linked. Through the charm and fascination of his personality coupled with his professional skill in the field, he has served as polo coach in all the grand polo events within Chitral and outside it for the last 30 years. Without him leading the opposite teams to the centre of the polo pitch, the match will have really less thrill and enjoyment for both the players and spectators. He is also known for his wits with practical values derived from his life time experiences.

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IBCSK—the Catalyst Institution for Poor-friendly Education in Northern Chitral

With growing population and shrinking natural/land resources, it becomes all the more pertinent to impart standard but affordable education to the children of poor families in the far-flung regions of northern Chitral so that their educational and interpersonal qualities will be groomed up consistent with the requirement of modern age to make them useful and responsible citizen apart from being a source of financial support for their poor parents in their old age.

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