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Submitted by Wendy on Sun, 2008-02-03 22:37.
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Hi everybody!


Time for me to inform you a little about the last events of the half past year.

As I told you the new school year started in August. We were expecting admissions and they came! About 50 new students were enrolled, which to the local norms is quite an achievement. Not many schools can claim such a flow of admissions.

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Submitted by Wendy on Sat, 2007-06-23 15:22.
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Dear Friends!


School overview in winter

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Submitted by Wendy on Mon, 2007-02-19 12:52.
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Dear Friends,Kosht, under its snow blanketKosht, under its snow blanket

After a year of fighting with the local state of things, what do we have to tell you?

What did we face during those last months? Here are just a few things of what happened.

When I reached back in April, after my visit to Belgium, I found the school running, not terribly well, but not terribly bad either. My teachers did try their best to keep things going smoothly.

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Submitted by Wendy Finet on Mon, 2006-10-16 18:38.

Hello dear friends!

Here I am again crying out for your sympathy and help...

What happened since last summer? Things stagnated a little, with the same problems as ever: teachers are leaving us after a year or more of service, to get a job in some government department which offers more facilities (pension,higher salaries,...). This results in the fact that I have to look for new candidates who come without particular knowledge about teaching, even sometimes without ability to speak English!
But we have no choice and start to train them.
I must say that some of our female teachers, who tend to remain with us, became quite good and skilled. It makes me happy to see that our efforts are shown finally. We also have the presence of young guy's who can't afford the cost of further studies, and as such develop in our school. I am really happy to see their creativity and commitment growing day by day. They even manage to surprise me with new ideas for improvement.

But the lack of funds makes itself feel in every aspect. We have to fight ignorance against all odds. I really do believe that educating young children will solve the fundamental problems the world is facing at present. Fundamentalism and extremism... These are nowadays the key words in every world crises. Just turn on the radio and they only have about it.
And it is of course easy to put a religion behind it. But it is wrong...
The sole problem lies behind ignorance. That 's why I can't leave it. I m there again and most than ever I feel the need to fight for it. I want a better world, and I am not the only one! THERE ARE SEVERAL PEOPLE AROUND ME WHO SHARE MY VIEWS and try their best to help me on the way.
For the moment, beside my trusted friends, we have the presence of an Italian engineer who kindly offered his services to the cause for 6 months already, and is still interested to do more. Thank you Alessandro!
Last year I had some troubles with the running of our hostel. I learned that it is not easy to find the right persons at the right places! I pass the details but we changed the warden two times (to become it myself at the end of October!), and I believe we had already 5 different cooks since we started. But we learn and we are on the right path to make it a model hostel!

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Submitted by Guest on Thu, 2006-10-05 20:22.

Brussels, 12 February 2002.

Dear donors,

As you can see this 2nd report is sent to you from Belgium, and this is of course because we are there too!

Kosht seen from high aboveKosht seen from high above

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Submitted by Guest on Mon, 2001-06-25 03:00.

Dear donors,

It took some time, but now finally some news from Pakistan. We have to admit it: our task is not easy. Football during picnicFootball during picnic


First obstacle: the prince didn't fulfill his promises, and didn't finish the buildings (unfinished classrooms, ceilings, pavements, non-existing doors and windows, no toilets,...), probably due to financial problems (being a prince doesn't necessarily mean being rich, but rather having power), yet we were prepared to this eventuality. In the meantime things moved to some extent, but results are not very visible yet.

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