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International Day of Climate Change Celebrated in Booni, Chitral

1. Introduction & Background

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Placard Bearing Walk of OSL Students During IDCC
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Students' Open Forum

One day seminar was organised in Booni with an objective to provide a forum to young school students to express themselves freely. Students from different schools participated in the seminar and raised a range of question with regards to social and cultural and economic constraints likely to hinder the free thinking in the society.

Students also made speeches on diverse topics. The audience put questions to the students and an interesting discussion ensued.

Forums like this one are of high value for the growth of interpersonal qualities of students.

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Mother Week Walk Chitral
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Training the young minds

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New Educational Policy Envisages Uniform System

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The Proceedings of the Chitral Educational Conference

Two-day conference on education was organized from July 27-28 in the Chitral town through the facilitation of the District Coordination Officer and the Executive District Officer Elementary and Secondary Education Chitral, Ms Gulsambar Begum. The objective was to provide the stakeholders of education—both private and government sectors—a forum and opportunity to discuss ways and means to improve the quality of education in the Chitral district by identifying the constraints and assigning responsibilities to the relevant authorities, stakeholders and decision-makers.

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