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Snow Leopard Visits Thoshi, Near Chitral Town

The endangered snow leopard, ['purdom' in Khowar language], visited the Thoshi game reserve due to heavy snow and severe cold weather. The beautiful wild cat is normally seen in the game reserve mostly in winter as it comes there for at least four days to one week. During this time he feasts on a wild goat or two. Many local people visit Thoshi to have a glimpse of the snow leopard. This time it stayed in the area for four days.

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Melting Glaciers—A Hot Topic

Global warming is a real discomforting phenomenon with measurable negative impacts for the less developed and remote regions of the world like Chitral, northern Pakistan. Climatic changes experienced by Chitrali locals in recent years have affected villages and brought about ‘alluvial fans’ [fan-shaped desposits of water-transported material]. Recently, the village of Sonoghor was engulfed by an enormous mud slide caused by a glacier breaking up and wiping out 100 households.

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Madaklasht—A Must Visit Destination in Chitral's South East

Madaklasht-Laspur Nature Trail Passes through this GlacierMadaklasht-Laspur Nature Trail Passes through this GlacierMadaklasht village is situated in the south eastern tip of district Chitral at a distance of about 4 hours drive from Chitral town.

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Tirich Mir [7690m] Visible From Terich Valley

Tirich Mir [7690m] is the highest peak of the Hindu Kush range, which overlooks Chitral town and is visible from almost all parts of Chitral district. When you arrive in the Chitral valley from the south over the Lowari Pass [3120m], you cannot help but stare in awe at the majestic peak situated against the backdrop of a clear blue sky. Tirich Mir was first scaled by a Norwegian mountaineering group in 1950. In the past, adventure tourism has been the mainstay of the economy for villagers who live at the foot of Tirich Mir.

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Markhoor, The Playful

This playful Markhoor is friendly with people and sometimes keeps on awaiting for visitors to turn up, who hold him by the screwing big horns and play on the roadside at Thoshi, the wildlife sanctuary and the game reserve 25 minutes drive from Chitral town, where the worth of one trophy hunt is USD 52000. In winter the illusive snow leopard is also seen in the game reserve as it comes down near the riverbank chasing wild goats and Markhoor.

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Chitral Gol National Park

The first sun rays in Chitral Gol National Park, in Chitral, Northern Pakistan. [Courtesy: Karl Schuler]

Please contact us at to make your visit to Chitral Gol National Park more enjoyable.

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Submitted by Wendy on Fri, 2007-09-14 13:56.
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Not the only one at Shandur!

During summer don't hope to find a lonely place at Shandur. I wouldn't call it overcrowded but...

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Submitted by Wendy on Fri, 2007-09-14 13:46.
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Stopover at Shandur shop and lake.

Reaching icy Shandur pass always forces us to stop at the shop selling the worst sweets ever, but amazingly enough tasting so good there!

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Submitted by Wendy on Fri, 2007-09-14 13:19.
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Getting ready at the Kosht bridge for a three-days trip

Not always easy to get luggage fixed and place for 15 to travel "comfortably"! But no worries for me at least! The front seat is only for me...

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